Union Election Commission Press Release

11 February 2021

1. The Union Election Commissions is scrutinizing matters related to the general elections held on 8 November 2020. As per Section 38 (a) of the Constitution of Republic of the Union of Myanmar, ‘Every citizen shall have the right to elect and be elected in accord with the law’. According to Article 6 under Chapter 4 of the Hluttaw Election Laws, ‘Persons possessing the following qualifications shall be eligible to vote at the election irrespective of sex and religion:
(a) citizen, associate citizen, naturalized citizen or holder of a temporary certificate who has completed the age of 18 years on the day of commencement of election and who does not contravene the provisions of this Law;
(b) Electorate concerned shall have the right to recall elected people’s representatives in accord with the provisions of this Constitution.
2. In the general elections held on 8 November 2020 (except in the areas where the elections did not take place), the previous UEC announced 38,271,447 eligible voters. However, the figure of Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population in November 2020 was 32,211,188 including citizen, associate citizen and naturalized citizen.
3. The UEC is scrutinizing the voter lists in general elections on 8 November 2020, the population figures of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population and the realistic situations. The findings from the areas scrutinized will be announced.

Union Election Commission

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