Union Minister Dr Charlie Than inspects Yeni Paper Mill

charlie than NS

Union Minister for Industry Dr Charlie Than made an inspection tour to the waste paper pulp and paper factory established in Yeni Paper Mill jointly operated by government and private entrepreneurs in Yeni Township of Bago Region yesterday.
During the visit, the in charge of the factory briefed the operations of the factory and the Union Minister said it should use quality raw materials and focus on the production of finished products which meet the fixed standards.
He also added that it also should emphasize the operations not to affect the natural environment. It needs to conduct capacity-building programmes for the ability of employees and arrangements of fire extinguishers for fire safety.
Then, the Union Minister inspected the preparations for the resumption of the pulp factory, which produces 2,400 tonnes per day, and garment factories running with more than 4,000 workers. — MNA

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