Union Minister Dr Thet Khaing Win discusses medical services of hospitals in Nay Pyi Taw

The Ministry of Health and Sports presided over the meetings to discuss treatment sectors of Nay Pyi Taw 1000-bed hospital and other people’s and general hospitals in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.
During the meetings, Union Minister Dr Thet Khaing Win said the patients rely on the people’s hospitals in Nay Pyi Taw, and so Nay Pyi Taw 1000-bed hospital should be an ideal one for being located in the capital city of Myanmar. It is vital to provide proper medical services as usual, and health workers should fill the healthcare needs of people.
As the hospitals do not provide treatment now, the people face difficulties in the healthcare sectors. They have to go to private hospitals or clinics or go to remote areas. Although the government allocates the budget, the hospitals do not operate in full. So the people have to spend their money on medical treatment.
He then highlighted the ethics of medics for the public and efforts to run the hospitals as usual.
He continued that the estimated budget for the procurement of medicines is K300 billion, and arrangements will be made to apply human resources with a contract system in treatment sectors. The Ministry also makes plans to provide financial assistance to the healthcare workers, and the meal allowances will be provided to night-shift workers soon. Cash awards will also be provided based on the degrees they achieved.
Moreover, arrangements are being made to present cash awards as Risk Allowance for those who conduct diagnosis and treatment services. It can be seen the resurgent COVID-19 across the world in March 2021. Although the country is provided with the needed labs, it is difficult to estimate the infection rate due to the low numbers of healthcare workers.
The Ministry keeps carrying out the COVID-19 preventive measures and releasing the new confirmed cases daily. It also lifts stay-at-home order. It is crucial for the people to follow the health rules as the government eases the restrictions to run the operations as usual.
Moreover, one million and seven hundred thousand people received the COVID vaccine first jab. According to the research, the vaccine can prevent the disease, and those infected with the disease have a less severe condition.
The Union Minister urged them to cooperate in conducting vaccination programmes not to occur next COVID-19 wave.
He then instructed the healthcare workers to be vaccinated as they are the frontline workers.
The PPEs and medical equipment are provided in full. The superintendents, professors and specialists are the role models of young medics, including nurses, to follow the Civil Service Personnel rules and regulations. They also should persuade their colleagues who lead to the wrong way. The Ministry also welcomes all the staff who return to their duties. The officials also opened Call Centre starting February 2021 for those who face difficulties returning to their responsibilities. Therefore, all should cooperate and should not hand over the bad habits like not serving duties for some unsatisfied cases to the next generations.
The Union Minister also said following the civil service personnel rules and regulations and ethics is the safest way. Then he coordinated the discussions of the professors and specialists. — MNA

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