Union Minister for Industry inspects textile factories in Sagaing

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Union Minister Dr Charlie Than views production process at No.3 Textile factory (Sagaing).

Union Minister for Industry Dr Charlie Than paid a visit to a branch of No.3 Textile Factory in Sagaing on the morning of 20 November.
During the visit, the in charge of the sub-factory explained the implementation of the operation and the Union Minister gave necessary instructions and inspected the equipment installation of machinery inside the factory.
On arrival at No (3) Textile Factory (Sagaing), the Union minister looked into the operation of the factory. The Union Minister explained the future plans and staffing issues and said that the factory products could be sold competitively in the market if the quality was good and the price was low.
“The Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister has given guidance that textile and garment factories are very beneficial for the country and should systematically consider the use of clothes by the people to meet the needs of the country,” the Union Minister said.
“Therefore, in order to gain more market share of products, it is necessary to conduct research and make arrangements to produce according to market demand. Products will be taken into consideration based on customer feedback. Clothes need to be produced with high quality and innovative designs and designed to be attractive to consumers,” the Union Minister added.
Next, the Union Minister inspected the weaving department and quality control department of the factory.
In the evening, the Union Minister met with Sagaing Region Chief Minister U Myat Kyaw and cabinet ministers at District General Administration Department in Sagaing.
During the meeting, the Union Minister called for coordination with cotton farmers in Sagaing Region to ensure that there is no shortage of raw materials needed for Textile Factory No. (3) (Sagaing) and Textile Factory No. (6) (Salingyi) in Sagaing Region.—MNA

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