Unripen mangoes wrapped in plastic bags in Kanbalu, Kyunhla townships

The mango farm owners started to wrap unripen mangoes in plastic bags in Kanbalu and Kyunhla townships in Sagaing Region to protect them from the pest.
“Mango growers are spraying the trees with the pesticide. They have wrapped the unripe mango in plastic bags. The growers are exchanging information and closely observing the market situations as the watermelon export market collapsed in the cross-border between Myanmar and China,” said U Than Tun Oo.
“This year, the input cost for the bags increased, posing a burden on the growers. The growers can take the bags in debt. Now, the instability of the market allowed the buyers to cash down only. The growers are trying to reap profits,” he continued.
Over 100 mango growers in Kanbalu and Kyunhla townships execute over 3,000 acres. They prioritize quality Seintalone mango variety farming. Myanmar delivers the Seintalone mango variety to China market through the Muse border post every year.
“The harvest season will start after 15 May. The mangoes will be sent to Muse, Yangon and Mandalay cities. They primarily rely on the Muse market. If there’s a trade barrier in Muse, the growers can suffer loss. When China reopens cross-border posts, the market can raise its head for sure,” U Than Tun Oo was quoted as saying.
This year, the blossom of mango trees is late a bit and so does the harvest season, he added.
“The market fallout of watermelon raised the concerns if the mango growers either. About two-thirds of growers’ group do their farming activity regularly in the hope of market recovery,” he elaborated.
Of over 3,000 mango acres, 1,400 acres of 27 growers in Kanbalu and Kyunhla townships conduct good agricultural practices. The growers are trying to seek a GAP certificate in 2022 as well. — Lu Lay/GNLM

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