Upcoming elections must maintain political prestige

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SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets officials of registered political parties at SAC Chairman Office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.

All party members must be hard cores of relevant parties as well as a democratic system, said Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.
At the meeting with officials of registered political parties at the hall of the SAC Chairman Office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday, Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing unveiled that the ultimatum vision of the government is to hold a free and fair election so as to hand over the State responsibilities to the election-winning party.
He continued that armed conflicts occur in the country due to attempts to solve the political problems in terrorist ways but political ones. On the other hand, ethnic armed organizations widely shape terror acts. So far, skirmishes still happen in some areas. As such, the Tatmadaw cooperates with the Myanmar Police Force to lessen terror acts through the strength of the people, he added.
The Senior General noted that the government had adopted the last point of the roadmap that work will be undertaken to ensure accuracy and fairness in the general election to prevent eligible voters from losing their rights. Upon accomplishing the provisions of the state of emergency, free and fair multiparty democratic elections will be held, and State duties will be handed over to the elected government.
He underlined that all party members must be hard cores of relevant parties as well as a democratic system, adding they have to utilize the strength of the parties for the State efficiently. Moreover, he underscored that party members have to participate in the peace and stability of the State. He said everyone must unite to forge peace and stability in the State and peacefully solve controversial measures.
The Senior General highlighted that peace and stability must prevail in the entire nation to initiate the democratic system. Implementing an all-inclusive public security system is necessary to ensure peace and stability. He noted that the acts of PDF terrorists, which emerged after 2021, caused loss for the State and harmed the life and property of the people. As such, all party members have to know diverse attitudes and weaknesses and systematically implement their policies and visions.
The Senior General stressed that the State Administration Council has adopted political and national visions, roadmaps, and objectives and strives to develop the nation on political, economic, and social trends while encouraging MSME businesses. So, he continued that parties need to participate in implementing these measures. If all school-age children have chances to learn, they will have improved knowledge and technologies. He added that parties need to cooperate with the government to enable all school-age children to be educated in the country.
The Senior General expressed his firm belief that all parties participating in the forthcoming election will have the capacity to develop the education, economic, and social sectors of relevant regions. He explained that the census and household registration are being enumerated as a preliminary measure. He said that if so, the voter lists would be correct. So, political parties need to participate in that process.
He disclosed that a plan is underway to hold meetings with political parties and ethnic organizations to exercise the PR system. Necessary provisions will be amended in the constitution. To do so, all measures must be taken in the parliamentary process, he noted.
The Senior General remarked that armed conflicts hinder preparations to hold the election successfully. The forthcoming election must be politically prestigious. Hence, political parties need to strive to ensure the betterment of the nation with a firm spirit. The Senior General invited open discussions of officials from the political parties for the nation’s sake.
Officials from political parties discussed the implementation of their functions in line with the directives and disciplines of the SAC under the supervision of the Union Election Commission, their participation in the successful undertaking of MSME businesses, plans of political parties to contribute to the public security system, forging the patriotic spirit of ethnic people, needs to ease some restrictions over political parties, creation of chance for parties in flourishing democratic system and firmness of public security system, assistance for the development of agriculture and livestock tasks in respective areas, the help of the State for opening office of political parties, some points for enumeration of census, State security measures, and needs for arranging to vote of all eligible citizens.
The UEC Chairman, the Union Minister for Legal Affairs and the member of the Legal Advisory Board, clarified party registration and revocation, the needs of political parties to follow the relevant laws, legal assessment over suggestions on easing restrictions over political parties and holding the election.
In his response, the Senior General said the government could not take loans abroad and faced many economic sanctions. So, the government operates all measures with the currency obtained from exports. A large sum of foreign currency is spent on fulfilling the needs of fuel and cooking oil. Hence, local oil refineries are being prepared to be run at total capacity to meet the fuel demand of factories and industries. Raising the salaries of State service personnel depends on the State budget. The government has provided uniforms, allowances and cash awards to the employees.
The government will fulfil the demands of political parties but consider some demands for the long term. The government has noted down reports of political parties in individuals for fulfilling their needs.
The meeting was also attended by SAC Secretary Lt-Gen Aung Lin Dwe, Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, UEC Chairman U Thein Soe, Union Minister for Legal Affairs Dr Thida Oo, legal advisory board members, officials from 39 political parties and officials. — MNA/TTA

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