US$2.863 million worth of trade volume handled on Myanmar-Bangladesh border

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Export commodities are being loaded onto a motor schooner at a port of Rakhine State.

The trade volume from the two Myanmar-Bangladesh border trade camps at Shwemingan port in Sittway and Kanyinchaung trade zone port in Maungtaw was US$ 2.863 million in April 2022, according to the Rakhine State Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
A total of 4,366 tonnes of various goods worth $0.99 million were exported and T-shirts worth $0.00105 million imported through Sittway trade camp. A total of 2,418 tonnes of various goods worth $1.86 million were exported and PVC pipe fittings and water pumps worth $0.0079 million imported from Kanyinchaung border trade camp of Maungtaw.
In doing so, 51% of export goods were fishery products worth $1.46 million, and only 0.3 % was the import. In addition to fishery products, Myanmar also exported onion, ginger, dried plums, tamarind seed, areca nut, jaggery, djenkol bean, coconut, peas, mangoes, dried chilies, plum jams, and local-made consumer goods to Bangladesh.—TWA/GNLM

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