Vaccines must be given to people as fast as possible: Senior General

Arriving vaccines must be injected to patients on priority as quickly as possible, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the fifth coordination meeting of the COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment at the hall of Bayintnaung Villa, Nay Pyi Taw, yesterday morning.
In his address, the Senior General noted there are more than 194 million infected people across the world and over 260,000 people in Myanmar up to 25 July. The Senior General urged all to strive for the soonest implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination at home. 
It is necessary to supervise sales of medicines for prevention, control and treatment of the disease and other household
medicines in regions and states because some shops sell the stocks at higher prices and close the sales with storage of medicines to be shortages. The government allows the import of necessary medicines without any restrictions. Medicines must be distributed to the people as quickly as possible.
It is necessary to decide whether the patients who arrive at the hospitals are needed to be admitted depending on their health conditions. Treatment must be given to needy persons without fail. Systematic arrangements must be made for oxygen production, importation and supply.
With regard to vaccination, easing tension and preparedness for natural disasters, the Senior General said: “Infection rate is down but it is not to rest assured. Vaccines must be given to people as quickly as possible. It is necessary to help the assigned persons for vaccination. Furthermore, as the pharmacy shops close the sales due to fear and the authorities are to organize them to open the sales of medicines at fair prices under the management with a conscience. In addition, preparations must be made for natural disasters. If natural disasters happened in a place in the past, preparatory tasks should be undertaken to reduce loss and damage when the disaster actually happens. In fact, disasters cannot be banned, so we need to consider the best way to have the least loss and damage.”
The participants discussed plans to transport patients to respective centres depending on the medical tests, the extension of confirmed patient centres, the start of vaccination, smooth import of medicines and oxygen, issuance of pension and salaries, and soonest taking out of medicines from the ports to distribute them to the people at fair prices.
In his address, the Senior General said it is necessary to contact India to soonest get the imported vaccines and continue further import of vaccines from other countries. At present, officials are to supervise the prevention of power outages for continuously supplying oxygen to the patients.
In his additional speech, the Senior General said, “I’d like to emphasize Yangon Region where the death rate is the highest. Its population density is the highest. The statistics in our hand showed the second-largest death rate was in Mandalay Region. But you all do not need to be worried but you all need to take more care of the disease. As the density is high, oxygen must be given to the patients. So, people say the hospitals such as Yangon General Hospital and Nay Pyi Taw General Hospital are crowded. So, we open the quarantine centres, positive patient centres ad treatment centres where medical doctors must be assigned. If necessary, treatment centres mat be extended in Yangon and Mandalay regions. On the other hand, medical staff must be assigned there in real-time. It is necessary to immediately make decisions for the extension of centres and the assignment of staff.
Regarding the import of medicines, it is necessary to produce the basic household medicines at home. Encouragement must be given to the production of quality and high potent medicines at industrial zones and factories.
The Senior General stressed the need to avoid interruption of commodity flow and trading among the townships while taking preventive measures of possible natural disasters. — MNA

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