Warning: Sandbanks pose risks in Ayeyawady River near Mandalay, Mingun, Myinmu

The Navigation Department of Mandalay Region has issued a warning regarding the formation of sandbanks in the Ayeyawady River near Mandalay, Mingun, and Myinmu. Vessels travelling from Mandalay Port to other cities are advised to navigate carefully to avoid running aground.
According to a statement from the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) on 23 February, the water level of the Ayeyawady River in Mandalay has reached 242 centimetres, which is more than four feet below the low water warning point of 360 centimetres.
In light of this, the department has advised cargo and passenger vessels travelling from Mandalay Port to Myinmu to be mindful of navigation marks set up by the Navigation Department of Mandalay Region.
The low water period of the Ayeyawady River typically occurs from 15 November to 15 May each year. During this time, vessels must navigate carefully along the navigable channel. — TWA/TKO

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