Violent thugs attack police stations

The violent people armed with homemade bombs and petrol bottles attacked the police stations in some townships.
At about 3:15 pm on 26 March, a black car (still investigating) threw a homemade bomb into a police station located on Insein road at No (13) Ward of Hline Township, causing damage to a vehicle of security forces.
Similarly, two men (still investigating) committed an arson attack with petrol bottles by throwing them into the police housing in Myeik yesterday noon. The dry grass in the police station compound caught fire, and it reported no damages after being extinguished.
Moreover, two men (still investigating) threw homemade bombs into the police station located 76th street, between 4th and 5th streets in U Poke Taw Ward of Aungmyaythazan Township.
Similarly, tow men threw a handmade bomb in Kannar road in Ohebotaung Ward, Monywa and another two man threw a handmade bomb on the road near the bank of the Myittha river in Myoma Ward, Gangaw Township. The tow handmade bombs exploded on the roads, and no casualties.
One of the bombs exploded, and the police kept an unexploded bomb.
Therefore, the police make efforts to take action against those who intentionally attack police stations and government buildings according to the law. —MNA

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