Wahnet Elephant Camp: Your serene retreat awaits

During the coming domestic tourism season, the Wahnet elephant camp has been prepared by planting shade trees and flowers so that the visitors can have a joyful rest, said the elephant camp in charge.
The elephant camp is situated next to the road near Yeywa Dam between Mandalay City and PyinOoLwin Township.
The elephant camp provides services for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the natural forest landscape and elephant rides.
“While maintaining the beauty of the natural forest landscape, we have expanded the planting of shade plants this year. Flower trees have also been planted during the rainy season this year. In addition, on the advice of visitors, bushes have been cleared at the entrance of the camp and trees and shade plants have been planted. The natural environment must also be beautiful. It must also be able to withstand the damage of elephants. Of course, we grew plants that would be edible for elephant herders like us,” In charge of the elephant camp added.
At present, the number of visitors to the Wahnet elephant camp is larger during holidays. Eight elephants including three males and five females are entertaining the visitors with elephant dances. Services such as riding elephants and seeing the beauty of the natural forest and mountain scenery are available. Visitors can also feed the elephants.
The entrance fee to the elephant camp is set at K1,000 per person, K3,000 for the short journey, K5,000 for the long journey, K10,000 for foreigners and K10,000 for short and long journey for elephant riding service. Free entry is set for children, monks and nuns. — Maung Aye Chan/KZL

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