Wanet elephant camp ready for visitors in Thingyan festival

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Three-month-old elephant Nyein Chan Oo seen with children.

Wanet Elephant Camp on the way to Yeywa Dam between Mandalay and PyinOoLwin is prepared to offer best services to visitors especially in Thingyan period, said an official of the camp.

The number of visitors has more than doubled thanks to the three-month old elephant called Nyein Chan Oo at the camp, and the site hosted between 50 and 100 visitors per day in the last two months ago.

“The roads in the camp are being repaired and also the buildings. The people become more interested in the elephant Nyein Chan Oo. The bamboo bedsteads are being made and the water is pumped almost the whole day to be able to play with water. The shady places are also created than before, and the visitors can touch the elephant. The preparations are as good as previous Thingyan,” the official said.


Despite the scarcity of water at the elephant camp, the earthen pots and barrels are arranged to play water, while the shops that sell coconut sap, drinks in addition to appetizers are being opened. The visitors can also enjoy them at the restaurants opened in the camp.

The official continued, “We place the bamboo fans on the trees as the weather is extremely hot during Thingyan. Although there are stone tables and bamboo bedsteads, we arrange mats ensuring enough materials when the number of visitors is high. As it is hot, we will make best arrangements and provide best services.”

There are nine elephants at the camp, and elephant riding, performance shows will be presented just with only seven elephants.

The entrance fee to the elephant camp is set at K1,000 per person, K10,000 for foreigners, and it is K 3,000 and K5,000 for short and long journey for elephant riding service.— Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-printing House)/KTZH

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