Warmly welcome the New Year with new mindsets

We all have to heartily and warmly welcome the New Year 2023 after bidding farewell to the old year 2022. Now, the New Year comes in whereas the old year went out.
In welcoming the New Year, we have to first change our mindsets so as to refresh all things of our society including the country. We have to leave the idea, attitudes, concepts and percepts not in conformity with the trend of the New Year in the period of the old year. So, we have to adopt a pledge to change mindsets and society in order to really modernize the nation.
In the New Year, we have to use our new mindsets in paving the way for the nation and the nationals to be able to march forward the new nation with prosperity and peace, abandoning the hatred, jealousy, manners and attitudes adhering to backward ideologies, exploitation, manipulation, instigation, inappropriate moves and so on.
Everybody needs to consider all their works in line with the Dhamma preached by the Lord Buddha. Nothing is perpetual. Everything cannot be brought to the life after death. So, we all should never eagerly embrace everything such as ranks, positions, property, attachment and others.
Everybody should understand that like the old leaves are substituted with new ones, we all have to happily bid farewell to the old year with a conscience. At the same time, we all should welcome the New Year with a conscience to perform good deeds as well as meritorious deeds but evil acts.
Hence, all the people should pray for all living beings to be free from devil acts, to be able to enjoy meritorious needs, to be able to culture the noble spirit, and to enjoy good results of society under the Dhamma teachings of the unrivalled Lord Buddha and to consider doing all things with critical thinking, rationality and compassion.
We all have to need review and analyze the past things they did. Depending on the results from the analysis, we all have to seek the best way to the goal without derailment from the missions and visions to build our country as well as our society with peace and prosperity.
We have to open the first page of the New Year. It is ready to write down the scripts for everything we would do on the first page. These would be records and then our history. Every record will reflect us, and it will bring good or bad results to us.


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