Welcoming guests allowed back inside Yangon International Airport

According to Yangon Aerodrome Company Limited, which has a licence to manage Yangon International Airport, those who will be escorting and welcoming passengers arriving at and departing from Yangon International Airport will be allowed to enter and exit the airport again.
Yangon International Airport’s (YIA) Terminal 3 (domestic airport) building has allowed visitors to escort and welcome passengers since 28 September.
Passengers travelling abroad must enter through Gates No 1, 2 and 4 with complete official travel documents.
Family members and friends who welcome the passengers and relevant staff must enter through Gate No 2.
Guests must obtain an access card at the Registration Area near Gate No 2, then enter the building with this access card and exit from Gate No 3.
Family members and friends of the passengers who use Terminal 1 of Yangon International Airport (YIA) have been allowed to enter the airport premises starting from 11:30 am on 19 September.
To ensure the safety and security of the public at the airport, relevant security measures will be maintained as usual, so guests will have to undergo relevant security checks and will need to wear their access cards according to the rules established in the airport building. — ASH/KZL

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