Western-backed Media Allegedly Instigating China and Myanmar in Shan State (North) Conflicts

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By Myo Khine

Information Team Leader of the State Administration Council and Deputy Minister for Information Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun said it is necessary to notice the organizations and West bloc-backed media instigating China and Myanmar in northeast conflicts of Shan State.

“We can see the organizations, especially West bloc-backed media, are attempting to instigate occurrences of misunderstanding between China and Myanmar on conflicts in the northeastern part of Shan State in various ways and means. As such, everybody needs to take care of these attempts.”

He noted that Western media are widely spreading their propaganda based on research papers, leading to a worsening of the current Myanmar affairs issued by the USIP (United States Institute of Peace) backed up by the US government.

The Information Team Leader continued, “Primarily, their reviews and analyses lead to worsening the current situation of Myanmar. The important review is that the organizations and individuals holding arms to instigate conflicts will not be militaristic; they will not be organizations like robbers, and they are in unity, with attempts to fuel the conflicts. It can be seen that they vividly interfere in Myanmar’s internal affairs. Moreover, they show hints for more possibilities. It shows that the organizations related to the Western bloc will interfere more in Myanmar’s internal affairs. So, I would like to note that the ground situations are very different from their predictions. Everybody can see it. Disunity happens in the armed groups, they indicate. In the Sagaing Region, these armed groups attack each other. NUG and CRPH declared that they do not accept some armed groups. They committed killing and robbing the people several times. Turning a blind eye to unlawful acts, they showed their assessments.”

As Western countries and allies are deeply involved in the current conflicts, the people of Myanmar and neighbouring countries need to take care of their conspiracies, said Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun.

The research of USIP mentioned that most current resistance was rooted in the wish to have a new political system. As it is connected with societies, some diversity can be seen. The malicious Western media stated it was impossible that those military leaders would not be aggressive.

“In Sagaing, a group of PDF terrorists had detained a woman for many months and severally raped her. When news of such a case notoriously spread, they admitted to taking action against offenders, but they did not do so. And such a group escaped from the case. Moreover, individuals can practically observe the cases of unlawfully abducting and killing people and setting fire to the villages where people with different attitudes lived. Moreover, the original business of MNDAA terrorists is opium trafficking. There is a lot of distinct evidence in history. The history shows where a Kokang lady who was notorious as a drug lord worldwide came out and what she descended from. At that time, the Kokang lady drug lord herself arranged opium aid from the CIA of the US. Later, the Burma Communist Party-BCP influenced there, and the drug lord and followers disappeared. And BCP continued the opium business. In this regard, the BCP ordered subordinate ethnic people to do such an opium business. When those ethnic people escaped from the BCP’s control, they also did so. They can earn income from opium businesses. So, they established armed groups to protect their business. Due to managing armed groups, they can do more illegal businesses. They bought arms and ammunition and extended their armed group to do so. It is like a vicious circle. I do want to note everybody knows that the West bloc and allies turn a blind eye to the history and distinct shreds of evidence deeply concerning the conflicts they fuelled. So, I would like to urge our people and all neighbouring countries to notice their steps carefully,” he explained.

Reportedly, the paper compiler mentioned that a democracy activist research team interviewed the youths from seven states and four regions who joined the democratic activities.

“USIP supports the federal parliament and the government. Whatever party takes office, it will be a leader. They use USIP for military affairs and military propaganda. If they find genuine facts, they never release them to the public. They submit the report on genuine data to government agencies. They never mention any data for all, but Myanmar always posts their data on Facebook pages. I mean, they release two types. The first one is to submit the true reports to their government. They have a government parliament and many federal agencies. So, it is a manual that they have to submit the legal information to the government. But, when they issue any press releases for the public, these never contain any important facts and data. It is their policy. In policy, they do not have to mention true data to the public. It is the State policy. But, when the report is translated into Myanmar, readers can see the wrongs as the truths. As such, individuals need to know what USIP is. If they think misinformation as true information, it will be toxic,” said a political columnist.


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