White sesame leads with high price as new sesame enters market

Sesame is entering the Mandalay commodity depot from Kyaukse, Myittha, Theadaw, and Wundwin in the last week of July with Japanese-origin white sesame being the most expensive.
The price of a three-basket (45-viss) bag of Japanese white sesame was between K225,000 and K250,000 on 29 July. Compared with the end of June at K205,000, the sesame price surged by K45,000.
Also, the price of 45-viss white sesame per bag is between K205,000 and K215,000. Black cumin (new) still costs between K225,000 and K240,000, while black cumin (old) costs around K180,000 to K200,000.
During the last week of June, 45 visses of brown sesame (new) are priced between K183,000 and K187,000, with prices ranging from K145,000 to K150,000. Within a month, the price increases by 37,000-38,000.
A 45-viss bag of yellow sesame costs K180,000 and is stable. The price of a three-basket (45-viss) Japanese white sesame is about K220,000; the new white sesame (Magway) is from 205,500 to K215,000 per bag; the black cumin (new) is K234,000 per 45-viss bag and the price for the old is about K195,000 per 45-viss bag at the Magway commodity depot.
It is K185,000 per 45-viss bag of brown sesame, K193,000 per 45-viss bag of red sesame and the price remains the same. The price comparison of the brown sesame is K59,500 per basket on 22 July and rises to K61,500 on 25 July. —TWA/GNLM

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