Work licences of private hospitals, clinics that were not in line with the laws


Dr Wai Yan Oo, an out-service surgeon from 3rd street in Ward 2 of Maubin, Ayeyawady Region, gives medical treatment at private clinic Htoo Wai, posting on his social network page he would provide medical treatments to patients holding OPD books from Maubin Hospital free of charge. He fully supports the CDM activity of Maubin District People’s Hospital. As he incited State service medical doctors on duty to join CDM activity, a file was opened against him under Section 505-A of the Penal Code.
Likewise, out-service Dr Naing Htoo from Moe Pyae Sone clinic on Minn Street in Ward 10 of Maubin led the riots.
A file of the lawsuit was opened against him at the respective police station under Section 505-A of the Penal Code.
Under Section 505-A of the Penal Code for inciting State service medical doctors to join CDM activity and leading riots, Htoo Wai clinic and Moe Pyae Sone clinic, which admitted Dr Wai Yan Oo and Dr Naing Htoo, will be revoked of their work licences under the Law Relating to Private Health Care Services.
Moreover, medical doctors from people’s hospitals participating in CDM activities, not in line with the medical doctor ethics and codes of conduct of civil service personnel, private hospitals and clinics which admitted those medical doctors and private hospitals and clinics of the medical doctors taken action under the law for inciting CDM activity and participating in riots would also be revoked of their licences. — MNA

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