Stable Yangon budget hostel fees for internal migrants amid rent increases

062922 sskm
High-rise buildings in Yangon Region.

Despite the increase in apartment rents in Yangon Region, the rents of budget hostels that most workers rely on are stable, with even some discounts, according to the interviewees.
As the most attractive region for internal migrant workers, Yangon has an abundance of accommodation renters, and factory workers usually stay in budget hostels while some rent small partitioned rooms in flats as well as dormitory-like buildings in some townships.
Yangon’s property market is more active in terms of rentals on monthly contracts than sales, and rents are increasing.
“As there are more rentals than purchases of apartments, rental fees are increasing, which are usually based on monthly payments or earnest money. Rents are rising for both separate buildings and flats,” said one apartment rental service provider.
Despite the rising rents, the fees of budget hostels for most factory workers are average, and some even offer a small discount.
“Hostel fees aren’t going up here. As many have returned to their hometowns, some owners have even reduced their fees. A 10 feet by 10 feet room costs K50,000 and up to K60,000 or K70,000 if it is wider. Rents for separate buildings start at K150,000,” said a local from Hlinethaya township.
A budget hostel room in Shwepyitha township, where plenty of migrant workers stay, costs from K40,000 to over K100,000 depending on the size, and the current rental rates are reportedly just typical. — MT/ZN/ED

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