Yangon circular train experiences surge in passenger number

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The glimpse of a circular train at a station in Yangon.

According to U Thaung Htaik, chief superintendent of Yangon Railway Station, the number of passengers using the Yangon circular train has been increasing steadily since the beginning of February.
“Currently, there’s a notable increase in passenger numbers. Before February, we had around 5,000 circular train passengers. Now, that number has risen to approximately 7,000 per day. It’s around 6,500 on weekdays, and at weekends, it reaches about 7,000 per day. Consequently, trains must operate more frequently during rush hours but less frequently during midday,” explained the chief superintendent.
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were about 80,000 train commuters daily. Following the pandemic, the number of circular train commuters decreased, but it has been rising again lately.
Previously, circular trains ran up to 30 times a day, but now the frequency has reduced to 26 times a day. Currently, Yangon’s circular railway is undergoing upgrades, and upon completion, it is expected to transport approximately 240,000 passengers per day using high-speed trains. — ASH/TKO

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