Yangon Fisheries Department warn fish/prawn farmers to prevent flooding

The Yangon Region Fisheries Department conducts field studies and awareness campaigns for the fish/prawn farmers in Twantay and Kungyangon townships to prevent flooding of fish and prawn farms and reduce losses due to the floods triggered by heavy rainfalls, according to U Myint Shwe, head of the department.
“We mainly urge them to fill the low areas of fish and prawn farms with sandbags to ensure the strength, to set the net around the ponds not to release the fish if there is flood and place the bamboo stick wall, sandbags by striking the firm sticks to prevent the fish farms, which lie next to the water current, from erosion. Moreover, we instructed them to prepare the fishing net, boats and other materials to move fish if necessary, to prioritize the huge fish and evacuate the stored fish feed and their equipment to safe places and to keep the fish from escaping through regular feeding,” he said.
Moreover, the fish and prawn farmers are instructed to watch the inundated areas of the fish and prawn farms and to be ready to report to the authorities in a timely manner if they encounter strange situations.
There are about 500,000 acres of fish and prawn farms in the country and about 100,000 acres in the Yangon Region. — ASH/KTZH

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