Yangon Region Agriculture Dept targets over 1.1 mln acres of monsoon paddy

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A group of female farmers are pictured collectively planting the rice paddy nurseries. Photo: Kanu

Yangon Region Agriculture Department is endeavouring to reach over 1.1 million acres of monsoon paddy target in the 2022-2023 Financial Year, which is the first year of a five-year plan implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation to boost paddy production in Yangon Region.
A total of 332,330 acres of four high-yielding varieties and four native rice crops have been cultivated in 17 townships in Yangon Region.  Other remaining 841,170 acres will be carried out under the Modified Mat Nursery and broadcasting system. The monsoon rice growers are cultivating high-yielding crops such as Manawthuka, Theehtetyin, Hmawby 2, Ayamin, Shwewahtun and native crops such as Ngasein, Pawsan, glutinous rice, Taungpyan Ngakywe, Baykyargyi, Baykyarlay, Khunni and Taungpyan paddy varieties for exports and domestic consumption.
Of over 300,000 acres of monsoon paddy which have been cultivated so far, 126,550 acres are high yield varieties, while native rice crops cover 205,780 acres. The first phase of the five-year project includes 1,164,500 acres and more than 300,000 acres have been completed. As the farmers can easily purchase fertilizer, the monsoon rice cultivation is going well. In July, lush green paddy fields implemented under the Modified Mat Nursery system will be seen.
After the monsoon rice is harvested, various beans and pulses will be cultivated. So, the rice seeds were broadcasted in Thanlyin, Kyauktan and Kayan townships in the first week of June. The harvest season will start in late October and end in December for the paddy in Modified Mat Nursery.
Last year, 79,521,143 baskets of monsoon rice yielded in Yangon Region. The high-yielding paddy varieties were priced at K700,000-750,000 per 100 baskets, while native varieties fetched K900,000-K1 million per 100 baskets. The farmers were doing well.
The high pre-acre yield stands at 80 baskets for high-yielding varieties and 68 baskets for native varieties. The yield rate varies on the climatic conditions and soil fertility. Yangon Region has completed 332,330 acres of monsoon rice out of the targeted 1,164,500 acres. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/GNLM

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