Yangon Region expands cultivation of summer paddy on 206,873 acres, oil crops on 16,794 acres, sunflowers and pulses on 8,969 acres

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Photo depicts thriving paddy plantation. Photo : Kanu

According to the guidance of the Head of State, Yangon Region accelerates agriculture sector to ensure food and oil security. It is reported that 206,873 acres of summer paddy, cultivation of 16,794 acres of oil crops, 8,969 acres of sunflower and various pulse crops have been expanded more than last year.
Within the region, monsoon paddy was grown in nine districts and both summer rice and sunflower crops in eight districts. Summer rice was cultivated in 15 townships, oil crops in 16 townships and sunflower in 16 townships. A total of 4,608 tonnes of fertilizer were distributed for monsoon paddy, summer paddy and winter crop areas. Sunflower seeds were provided for 8,963 acres as well. With the national economic promotion fund, contracts were signed for 3,034.68 acres of green bean in seven townships and 11,864 acres of summer paddy in nine townships, and inputs equal to K200,000 per acre were distributed by the Regional Department of Agriculture.
A total of 206,873 acres of summer paddy were able to be cultivated in Yangon Region, against the target of 205,554 acres. Summer paddy of 6,112 acres were harvested, yielding 76.32 baskets (holds 16 visses) per acre. In oil crops, 81 acres of monsoon peanuts and 2,799 acres of winter peanuts were planted, and monsoon peanuts yielded 27.89 baskets per acre while winter peanuts produced 50.23 baskets per acre from 115 acres of harvested areas. It has been grown 4,931 acres of winter sesame, 14 acres of summer sesame, six acres of monsoon sunflower and 8,963 acres of winter sunflower. In harvesting four acres of monsoon sunflower, 10.75 baskets were produced per acre.
Monsoon paddy was cultivated on 1,143,696 acres of farmlands in Dagon Myothit, Thanlyin, Twantay, Hmawby, Hlegu, Taikkyi, Mingaladon, Insein and Ahlon districts, and 1,140,339 acres were harvested, accounting for 98.21 per cent of cultivation in the Yangon Region. A total of 206,873 acres of summer paddy was planted in the townships of the eight districts except Ahlon district, and 6,112 acres were harvested, accounting for 100.64 per cent in cultivation. In the sunflower crop, 8,963 acres were grown in the eight districts except Ahlon district, accounting for 105.99 per cent against the target.
Since summer rice has a better yield than monsoon rice, the government and farmers will get more income by being able to grow summer rice with almost a percentage of monsoon rice under the irrigation system. With the development of agricultural industries, the socio-economic life will improve, starting from the increase in income of individual farmers. It is reported that by planting summer paddy, oil crops, sunflowers and pulses more than last year, farmers’ economic opportunities have blossomed. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/CT

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