YBS remote control system to be resumed

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Lectures on road safety for YBS drivers in progress.

The Yangon Region Transport Committee (YRTC) said that the remote control system has been resumed to ensure the order and safety of YBS vehicles operating in the Yangon Region.
The Control Centre of the Department of Yangon Bus Operator will monitor more than 2,850 vehicles from 110 YBS bus lines, which are running daily for the convenience of public transport, to check whether they are following the designated routes or crossing the border during the voyage.
Although YBS vehicles were previously fined K300,000 if they did not follow the designated routes, now in addition to the fine of K300,000, action will be taken until the vehicle is banned from buying gas, including the removal from the bus line, according to the Yangon Region Transport Committee.
YBS vehicles under the YRTC are being monitored with GPS since 2017. Since there are more than 2,000 vehicles from over 20 bus lines with installed GPS, action will be taken until the bus line is shut down if they do not abide by the rules.
In addition, YRTC is organizing YBS drivers’ road safety conferences in which officials from the Myanmar Organization for Road Safety (MORS), traffic control police and the YRTC are conducting lectures on what YBS drivers should know and follow. — TWA/GNLM

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