YRTC to arrange more trips to compensate reduced number of buses for convenience of YBS commuters

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Some YBS vehicles operating in downtown Yangon.

On the days when the number of operating YBS buses is reduced, the  number of trips per bus will be increased for the convenience of Yangon commuters, said an official from the Yangon Region Public Transport Committee (YRTC).

About 3800 buses are operated daily for around 1.6 million passengers, but the number of buses on the road decreases on weekends and CNG refilling dates, and the number of trips per bus will be increased on these days.

“We manage about 3800 buses a day. But on some days, especially on weekends, it goes down to 3600. And when our buses are refuelling at CNG stations, the number also falls. Since all 32 CNG stations are open depending on the availability of electricity, the time spent for refuelling also varies. If there is a power cut today, fewer buses can run tomorrow.  There is a gap of one day between the time when there is no power and the time when there are fewer buses. Our buses fill up with CNG one day ahead. But we will arrange to increase the number of trips for each bus. For a bus with four trips, we will increase it to four and a half. Despite fewer buses, we will arrange for the convenience of the commuters,” he said.

YRTC has eight inspection teams and three joint district teams carrying out monitoring activities to encourage the disciplined operation of buses in Yangon, especially at the 16 most congested bus stops on a daily basis.


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