210 of 3,200 food samples unfit for consumption in six months

photo 614 sskm
The photo shows foods being discovered inedible among the samples tested in the laboratory from January to June 2023.

Within the first six months of this year, according to the Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), more than 3,200 food samples were collected from the market, and approximately 210 of them were found to be unsuitable for consumption.
Of the approximately 210 unfit samples, 19 different types were found, and there was no indication of their place of production or the identity of the manufacturer.
The area where the food was produced has also been rechecked. Production was temporarily halted, the facility was prepared for inspection, and after passing the inspection, production was resumed.
Out of these 19 types of food, the majority are sold in shops in the Magway region, with participation from Shan State, Kayin State and Rakhine State as well. Food must not contain dyes that are prohibited for use by distributors. It is imperative to avoid the use of unauthorized, long-lasting chemicals entirely. Additionally, it is important to adhere to prescribed limits when using approved food additives.
If the warning is not followed, the Ministry of Health stated that action will be taken under Section 28 (a) of the National Food Law, as notified by the Food and Drug Administration Department. — TWA/KZW

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