30 buses to run during the Mann Shwesettaw Pagoda’ Festival

A total of 30 buses will be operated during the Buddha Pujaniya festival of Mann Shwesettaw Pagoda to facilitate transportation of pilgrims, according to Minbu District Private Bus Lines Supervisory Committee.
During the Buddha Pujaniya festival in Minbu township, Magway Region, passenger buses will be operated starting from 25 January. It is reported that there will be a shuttle operation from North Hlekock roundabout terminal in Minbu township from 6 am to 6 pm.
Mini buses with 12-15 seats of Aung Mann bus line using Starex and Vongo vehicles, arranged by Minbu District Private Bus Lines Supervisory Committee, will be run with 10 buses on Minbu-Shwesettaw route and 20 more buses pm the up and down Minbu to Shwesettaw route.
If there will be not enough vehicle, the bus line will add more buses. Bus fare will be set K12,000 for the round trip and K1,000 for up and K500 for down route during the festival.
Mann Shwesettaw Pagoda Festival will be held from 25 January to 17 April (1st Myanmar New Year).—TWA/MKKS

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