Trade volumes of Myawady Trade Zone, Chinshwehaw Trade Camp amounted to US$34.249 million

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, the trade volume worth US$34.249 million was handled by the Myawady trade zone and Chinshwehaw trade camp.
During the period between 17 and 23 December, exports from Myawady Trade Zone earned US$7.48 million and imports reached US$18.675 million, amounting to the trade value of US$25.723 million.
Compared to the beginning of December, exports showed a deficit of US$8.821 million and imports exceeded by US$2.365 million, indicating a decrease of US$6.456 million in the total trade volume. The reason for the decrease in exports was that the value of fishery products and other products increased, but the agricultural produce and the industrial finished goods dropped.
During the same period, the Chinshwehaw trade cap exported US$5.860 million worth products, and its imports were valued at US$3.578 million. The value of trade volume was US$9.438 million. Compared to the same duration of the previous year, the exports and imports were exceeded by US$ 5.359 million and US$3.167 million respectively. An increase of US$8.526 million was seen in the total trade value.
The exports in groundnut, peanut, dried eastern gooseberry, corn, rice, broken rice, dried tea, raw rubber, black sesame, sugarcane, millet and kidney bean exceeded and the imports in the consumer goods decreased. However, the trade value was higher than the same period last year due to the rise in the import of investment and industrial equipment.—TWA/CT

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