48 per cent completed for Yangon-Dala River Bridge construction

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Some parts of the construction of the Yangon-Dala River Bridge.

According to the Bridge Department of the Ministry of Construction, 48 per cent of the construction of the Myanmar-Korea friendship Yangon-Dala River Bridge has been completed.
As of the recent completion, building of bored piles and pile cap works of PY1 on the Dala side and PY2 on the Yangon side has been completed.
For the main bridge PY1 on the Dala side, the work on the shaft, which is the mid-water pillar, has been completed up to a height of 24 meters from the bottom of the pillar.
Out of the 14 beams of the bridge on the Dala side, five of them have been installed, so No 6 and 7 beams of the bridge will be installed in December.
By the end of April 2023, the construction of the approach bridge on the Dala side, including the entire construction work, is scheduled to be completed.
For the main bridge PY2 on the Yangon side, the shaft of pier work has been completed from the bottom of the pillar up to a height of eight meters, and the foundation work for the approach bridge along Phonegyi Road has also been completed.
As the seven spans of reinforced concrete floors have been placed, the entire bridge is 48 per cent completed, according to the bridge construction project office.
The construction of the new bridge is estimated to be completed in early 2024, according to the Ministry of Construction.
The construction project started in May 2019. The project will include two slope bridges and one two-lane approach bridge on the Yangon side.
There is a bridge (A) that turns right along the strand road from Dala and descends to the 20th street, and a bridge (B) that turns right along the strand road from Alon Township and goes up to the main bridge.
In addition, the four-lane main bridge will be formed, and through the main bridge, go up to two-lane Phonegyi Road on the Yangon side, until near Thayettaw Monastery. There are two lanes on Dala side. It is reported that it will be built up to four lanes Bo Min Yaung Road with two return lanes.
The largest and longest bridge over the river in Myanmar is made of bored pile, a type of steel suspension bridge on a reinforced concrete body, officials said.
The total length of the bridge is 6,128 feet. The length of the main bridge is 2,264 feet. The length of the Yangon side approach bridge is 1,891 feet. Approach bridge width (two lanes) 47 feet; the length of the Dala side approach bridge is 1,972 feet. The width of the approach bridge (four lanes) is 87 feet. Yangon side footbridges width (one way) is 23 feet, and 160 feet high without waterway, and 988 feet wide. The weight of the bridge is 75 tonnes per vehicle.
The Myanmar-Korea Friendship Dala Bridge project is being built at a total cost of USD 188.174 million with a loan of USD 157.833 million from the Republic of Korea Economic Development Cooperation Fund-EDCF Loan and the Myanmar government’s contribution of USD30.341 million.—TWA/GNLM

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