Myanmar Veteran Selected Athletes Association holds sixth annual general meeting

In honour of the country’s great sportsmen’s hard work for the State and the people, the government has been providing monthly awards from the age of 60 for as long as they live.
Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs U Min Thein Zan said that 223 veteran selected athletes have already been awarded K14.4 million on a monthly basis and the government will continue to provide such kind of entitlement to those who turned 60, said the Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs, the chairman of the Myanmar Olympic Committee at the sixth annual general meeting of the Myanmar Veteran Selected Athletes Association at the National Indoor Stadium-1 in Thuwunna, Thingangyun Township yesterday morning.
In addition, the Union Minister unveiled that it is verifying and supporting the obtaining of degrees and honours awarded by the State. To date, 420 veterans have been received, and we will continue to verify and support them, he added.
Efforts are being made in all aspects to achieve success in the 32nd Southeast Asian Games to be held in Cambodia in May 2023.
Potential sport events, including Olympic sports events were chosen and coaching and referee courses were conducted to ensure appropriate success in the 33rd Southeast Asian Game, Asian level competitions, and international invitational competitions, opening basic, and advanced sports courses, he said. He informed that outstanding athletes from various competitions will be admitted and trained in sports and physical education institutes and youth sports training camps according to their age and excellence.
Next, the Union Minister presented K1 million, 250 sport shirts, and 27 track suits to the association, and donors handed over donations to officials. Commemorative gifts were awarded to those who contributed to publishing the annual magazine of the association.
Copies of magazines published for 2021-2022 were donated to National University of Arts and Culture (Yangon), Universities’ Central Library, National Archives Department, National Library and Serpay Beikman Library.
At Sports and Physical Education Institute (Yangon), the Union minister also met with students and staff and had a dinner together.—MNA

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