51 roads, 116 bridges completely constructed in Sagaing this year


Sagaing region has completely constructed 51 production routes and 116 bridges this year, said U Myo Aung, the Assistant Director of Sagaing Region Department of Rural Development.
As roads and bridges are infrastructures for rural development, the Sagaing region carried out construction of 51 roads and 116 bridges in early January 2021. Now, it is completed 100 per cent.
“Currently, the construction of 51 roads and 116 bridges are finished this year. The main purpose is to make rural people easier to produce their local products. Also, the roads and bridges we constructed are to transport agricultural products to the town on time. The roads are of high-tech and more convenient than those previously built.
The equipment required to upgrade the roads and bridges are also high-tech so those will be of better quality and longer-lasting,” said U Myo Aung.
In the 2020-21 financial year, a total of 51/78 miles of roads were constructed at 32 townships of the Sagaing region with K2,827.5 million from the Union/ Region budget while 116 bridges were constructed in 23 townships with K1,202.58 million from the Union/ Region budget.
“The value of farmland has risen sharply. There will be also lower production costs. In the past, we had to carry from one field to another with oxen. Now, we loaded onto the trucks and oxcarts on the side of the road, which saves on production costs. It will also be of great benefit to them as they can destine their products to the market rapidly,” he added. — Lulay/GNLM

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