55 cargo ships of 14 international shipping lines scheduled to arrive at Yangon Port

MV. Express Argentina cargo ship from Viet Nam docked at Myanmar International Terminals Thilawa with 8.1 drafts on 12 January 2022  Photo: MITT

In September 2022, 55 cargo ships carrying many containers, operated by 14 international shipping lines, were scheduled to enter terminals in Yangon Port, according to a notification of the Myanma Port Authority.
The number of cargo ships entering Yangon Port stands at 49 of 13 lines in January, 48 of 13 lines in February, 50 in March, 52 of 14 lines in April, 54 of 12 lines in May, 53 of 15 lines in June, 49 of 15 lines in July and 55 ships in August respectively.
Earlier, the larger ships had draft problems preventing their sailing on the Yangon River. The draft extension is up to 10 metres with the new navigation channel accessing the inner Yangon River. Yangon inner terminals and the outer Thilawa Port have received larger ships of 30,000 DWT (Deadweight tonnage) after the draft limit was extended up to 10 meters.
Terminals in Yangon Port handled a total of 410 cargo ships in the past eight months. — TWA/GNLM

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