70 rare orchid species, 10 domestic species exclusively cultivated at Doekwin Orchid Farm in PyinOoLwin

There are more than 800 species of orchids in Myanmar, and Doekwin Orchid Farm in PyinOoLwin Township, Mandalay Region, exclusively cultivates and conserves 70 rare orchid species and 10 domestic species, as stated by U Maung Tint, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture.
In the distribution and sale of these orchids, only four types of hybrid orchids and five types of common local orchids are sold, and the remaining orchids are kept privately.
“To prevent the extinction of Myanmar orchids, a breeding plot has been specially maintained and planted at the Doekwin Orchid Farm. Genuine orchids have become a rare commodity in the world, so they have to be cultivated and maintained exclusively in breeding plots,” he said.
Hybrid orchids such as dendrobium, long-flowered orchid, cattleya, and butterfly orchid are distributed and sold in the local market. Similarly, regional varieties such as helmet orchid, Waso, Shwe Tu Mok Khamwa, Amelettanto are also being sold. Those who want to buy hybrid species wholesale can purchase a tissue seedling in a small pot for anywhere from one thousand to tens of thousands of kyats, and the price may vary depending on the type of orchid.
In Myanmar, orchids are mostly found in Shan State, Kachin State, Chin State, Taninthayi Region, Rakhine State, Sagaing Region, and the Chindwin River Basin. In addition to natural conservation, scientific conservation, and identification and recording of Myanmar’s orchid species, activities are also conducted to prevent illegal theft and selling at home and abroad. — ASH/TKO

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