Local Parahita group prepares for summer fire safety

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As forest fire prevention, a local Parahita group called Yenantha Dingar Brothers has been carrying out building firebreaks and refilling water in roadside drinking water pots in Yenangyoung and Chauk townships in central Myanmar on a daily basis.
When summer nears, there is a possibility of wildfire hazard in the two townships, which is why the group have now built firebreaks, clearing grass and refilling water in clay pots for drinking water provided by the roadside for the public.
“Now the summer comes here, and forest fire is happening, so no tree has yet to be planted. As forest fires are happening, we are making firebreaks and watering in particular. At present, we have built a congregation hall. We do refill drinking water daily in roadside water pots for travellers and a lake for animals,” said an official from the group.
In these townships, which are located in the dry zone in central Myanmar, the Parahita group has carried out repairing old lakes and building new lakes for drinking water for animals, planting shady trees by the roadside and conserving and watering them, building resting places for travellers, providing drinking water clay pots by the roadside and refilling them. — Thit Taw/ZS/ED

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