Enhanced fire safety measures implemented in Yangon Region with CCTV surveillance

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The 24/7 fire surveillance with the Command-and-Control Centre is functioning.

Director U Thein Tun Oo of the Myanmar Fire Brigade HQ has announced the installation of CCTV cameras on high-rise towers throughout the Yangon Region. The Command-and-Control Centre is actively monitoring these cameras as a preventive measure against fire outbreaks.
“The Command-and-Control Centre was established to detect fire outbreaks within the Yangon Region swiftly,” stated U Thein Tun Oo. “CCTV cameras installed on high-rise towers in Yangon are linked to the Fire Services Department’s Command-and-Control Centre, providing round-the-clock monitoring of wards, townships, and industrial zones. Smoke during the day and firelight at night can be observed through these cameras. However, relying solely on this system is not sufficient to prevent fire outbreaks. Therefore, individuals are encouraged to immediately report any fire incidents in their community by dialling the Fire Services Department’s Hotline number 191 from their mobile phones, as mobile devices are easily accessible. Once a call is made, the nearest fire station will be alerted and dispatched promptly to the scene.”
In order to bolster fire safety, CCTV cameras are currently being installed on high-rise towers in the Yangon Region. This initiative aims to facilitate seamless 24-hour monitoring by the Fire Services Department’s Command-and-Control Centre, enabling prompt detection and extinguishing of fires. As a result, this system proves highly effective in minimizing loss of life and property resulting from fires. — ASH/TMT

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