A man caught by crocodiles on shores of Meinmahla Island

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Meinmahla Island in Bogale Township.

A man was bitten by a crocodile on 12 October at around 5 pm on the shores of Meinmala Island Wildlife Sanctuary in Bogale Township, Pyapon District, Ayeyawady Region, which is a place for freshwater crocodiles.
Sai Khant Zaw, a 16-year-old resident of Pade Kaw village, and his uncles were catching crabs on the shores of Meinmahla Island on the other side of Pade Kaw village, Sat Kyun Village Tract in Bogale Township.
A 12-foot-long crocodile arrived suddenly and bite the body of Sai Khant Zaw and thus, Villagers are searching for the body of the victim.
Similarly, on 22 August, a young woman was bitten by a crocodile while fetching water for bathing in Bawgawadi village, Tharaw Chaung Village Tract, Bogale Township.
Likewise, on 30 August, a man was bitten by a crocodile while washing paddy seeds in the Bawgawadi creek. —Moe Sak (Boagale)/GNLM

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