A tonne of black gram price rises more K1.1 mln than that of similar period last year

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A purchaser is observing the quality of black gram at a beans and pulses shop.

The black gram prices in Yangon bean market has been slightly increasing while the prices of both domestic and free-on-board (FOB) of the pigeon peas are steadily decreasing this month.
A tonne of black gram RC was K2.78 million on 29 November; then, it rose up to K2.87 million on 1 December. Therefore, the price for one tonne of black gram was K90,000 higher in the market within four days.
Likewise, prices of the exported FOB pulses are also soaring. In detailed, the price of a tonne of the black gram FAQ on 27-29 November was US$980/1,000. However, it ranged between $990 and $1,010 during 30 November and 2 December.
The prices of new black gram in Mandalay market is ranging from K210,000 to K245,000 for a pack that weights a sixty visses of black gram while the price of old black gram was K275,000 and irrigated black gram price is ranging from K 210,000 to K230,000.
In fact, a tonne of black gram price in Yangon market on 2 December 2022 was only K1,738,000. However, the price soars this year since it increases over K1,132,000 higher than that of last year on 2 December 2023.
Also, one basket of black gram price (approximately 32 kilogrammes of black gram) for one acre of productivity gets more K40,000 than that of same period last year.
The black gram is one of the summer crops that are grown in lower part of Myanmar to replace the rainy season crops. The summer crops usually involve chilli, black gram and green gram.
The new black grams are transported to Yangon bean market in lower Myanmar usually in February and March.
The black gram is usually grown in August in central Myanmar and starts arriving in market usually in early January. However, the new black gram from Mandalay are arriving in the market this year earlier than before; and therefore, the price for a pack of (approximately 96 kilogrammes) of black gram that weights 60 visses declines more K30,000.
Notwithstanding, beans and pulses prices this year are soaring than last year. Therefore, black gram growing farmers earn more income this year. — TWA/ TMT

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