Diesel used vehicles cost less than octane used vehicles

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A vehicle is lining up for octane fuel.

In the domestic fuel market, the price of diesel is usually higher than octane, but at the beginning of this month, diesel is still three hundred kyats cheaper than octane per litre.

Truck terminal operator, U San Win told the GNLM that diesel vehicles (especially trucks) are much cheaper than octane vehicles and rental vehicles.
On 1 December, the price of 92 and 95 octane oil increased by K340 kyats per litre, but diesel only increased by K10 per litre. From 2 to 4 December, 92 octane is

K2,510 per litre, 95 is K2,640 per litre, diesel is K2,210 per litre, and premium diesel is K2,305 per litre as per reports.
On 1 June 2015, the retail price of 92 octane was K730 for one litre and diesel was K690, but on 7 August, when the price of fuel oil fell in 2022, 92 octane was K1,615 per litre, and diesel was K1,970. On 31 August, the price of 92 octane was K2,605 per litre, and diesel was K3,245 per litre.

On 4 May 2023, the price of 92 octane was K1,905 per litre, and diesel was K1,795 per litre. However, on 5 May, one litre of 92 octane was K1,990, and diesel was K2,405 again. At the end of that period, the price of 92 octane was lower than diesel, and in early December, the price of 92 octane increased more than diesel.

Around 60,000 taxis operating in Yangon use octane as well as gas-powered vehicles, therefore, due to the increase prices of octane, most passengers choose gas-powered vehicles for their journey to cut cost. — TWA/TKO


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