A visit to Taikkyi, a tour destination with many attractions (1)

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Taikkyi was recognized as a city on 29 December 1908. Therefore, it was 112years on 29 December 2020.

Forget the crowded downtown parks of Yangon for a moment to cope with the suffocating days of the big city. Taikkyi, a small township in Yangon Region, is also a tourist destination full of attractions such as lush green forests, wildlife sanctuary, historical pagodas and waterfalls.

Taikkyi Town

It has been noted as one of the main source of drinking water in Yangon. Located in the far north of Yangon, the city is made up of eight wards. During the colonial period, Taikkyi was an insignificant village in Hantharwady District. Still, in 1877 it became a station village on the Yangon-Pyay Railway and is now part of the Northern District of Yangon Region.

On 29 December 1908, Taikkyi was declared as a town. Therefore, on 29 December 2020, it will be 112 years since it became as a town.

Tourist attractions in Taikkyi

For those who want to travel near Yangon, there are various places to visit around the town. Even though it is located in Yangon Region, it has less urban style and can give you the feeling of being in a new area.

Kyeik Pun Thar Lun Pagoda

Kyaik Pun Thar Lun Pagoda, which is very busy during the pagoda festival (Ta Paung La), is said to be a historical pagoda. It is said to have been built in 1410 by the Mon MP Banya Kyantaw. To get to this pagoda, take a short walk from the Toll Gate at the entrance to Taikkyi, and you will see the Targwa-Tarsone junction on the left side of the road.

That road is the Targwa-Thayet Chaung road that extends to Thayet Chaung. It is a concrete road between villages with nice fields along the road. Kyaik Pun Thar Lun Pagoda is located in Thitsu Village. It is visible from the right side of the road. At the back of the pagoda, you can also visit the tomb of the former chief monk.

Min Kyaung

On Yangon-Pyay Road, you can also visit Min Kyaung on the left side of the road. Inside, you can still see an ancient monastery. You can see Aung Myay Bon San Htut Phone Thar Khaung Yan Myo Aung Pagoda and Shwe Thar Laung Pagoda inside at the entrance.

The ancient monastery inside is more than a hundred years old, and the Department of archaeology has identified the site as an archaeological site.

Taikkyi Goldfish pond

Tourists are drawn to the Goldfish pond in Taikkyi, which was said to have moved to a bigger lake due to an unexpected increase in the number of fish. Feeding a colourful clustered goldfish can be quite daunting

The pond is on the road to the cemetery behind the Nirvana Free Funeral Service Association building. The car can be parked in that compound. There are vendors who sell fish foods. You have to pay 1000 kyats for 4 small bottles, which is a good amount to feed, and some people buy by the sack.

Gyo Phyu Reservoir

Some also visit Gyo Phyu Reservoir, which was excavated between 1938 and 1939 and completed in 1940 to supply millions of gallons of water to Yangon daily. In fact, outsiders are not usually allowed to enter. It is said that security is tighter during the COVID-29 period. But for a variety of reasons, some can visit. Although it is not easily accessible to the public, there are places to visit along the way to the reservoir.

The water pipes are also very dignified, so if you find the scenery along the way is beautiful, you can take a souvenir photo with big water pipes.

Phoo Gyi Lake

It takes quite a long time to go to Phoo Gyi Lake from Taikkyi. Like the Gyo Phyu Reservoir. Although Phoo Gyi Lake is in a restricted area, some are allowed to visit.

Aphoe Kyaung (grandfather monastery)

One of the must-see places during the visit to Gyo Phyu Reservoir is Aphoe Kyaung, where pagodas and temples, ponds and Buddhist life stories can be seen in the vest area.

You can even take a day to visit this monastery.

As soon as you enter the temple grounds and turn left, you will first see a very beautiful pagoda and the statue of a saint.

You can explore the inside and outside of the pagoda and visit the upper part of the pagoda. Behind the pagoda is a two-story tower, from there, you can fully see the pagoda. Inside the pagoda, you can see statues carved with real gems locked with glass doors. You will also see a statue of the former chief monk as well as the relics of the saints.

There is also a fish pond in the monastery where you can feed the fishes. Since the area is quite large, you can walk around from one place to another.
It is carefully designed for children and young people to learn about the Buddha’s life stories and teachings. You can also see a replica of the Sagaing Kaung Hmu Taw pagoda, as well as a statue of the Kamarkura in Japan.

Moreover, Thamee Taw Myar pagoda, Khin Pon Gyi Sal Par pagoda, Amyo Khaw Oh Paw pagoda and Sal Taung pagoda can be seen in the compound. The sizes and shapes of Buddha statues are different, and so it is sure you will have a certain feeling like travelling to the far-flung areas.

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Thiha Lu Lin (Thiha, the Traveller).
Photos : Min Hsann, Thiha Lu Lin
Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung, Khine Thazin Han

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