A visit to Taikkyi, a tour destination with many attractions (2)

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Gone Lin Taung Monastery

There is a road signboard to Gone Lin Taung on the way to Gyo Phyu reservoir. If you climb up the hill from the small lane, you can enjoy the nature of forest and motions. There are monastery, Bo Min Khaung statues and Buddha statues at the top of the mountain. I reached the summit by motorbike.

Three-layer waterfall (Gone Lin Taung)

After 10 minutes ride, you will reach at Three-layer waterfall. It is not a very high waterfall. Although there is high water volume in the rainy season, the amount becomes lesser in winter and summer. It is such a nice recreation place for the local residents. It is not convenient for the vehicles. The road is not wide enough for two cars. There is also cliff. Therefore, walking is the best to get there. If you cannot walk, you can hire motorcycles at K5,000 for a round trip. Although it is not a fair price, you should support the residents. You have to go down to reach the waterfall. There is a small shop and you can order food. The road to waterfall is slippery when it rains. You can slip and fall even this season. The waste issue becomes worse. The visitors easily throw their waste. They even throw the masks which are new waste. If the shop owners and motorcycle taxi drivers collectively collect the garbage or put the dustbins, the environment will be better than before. The visitors also should keep their waste or throw into the dustbins.

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Sal Taung Pyae pagoda

Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp

The people can feed or ride the elephants at the Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp located at Phalone village of Taikkyi. I once wrote about this place in details. The place has its attractions as it does not have perfect facility. It is located near the forest. You can stay at the natural building and enjoy the village style food. The visitors can study the nature of clever elephants and have a talk about the life of mahouts or elephant caretakers. If so, you can have proper knowledge regarding with the relation between the mahouts and elephants including their skills in training and experience with wild elephants. There is also a housing for mahouts and also a dining dormitory. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner there. The dormitory can accommodate about 12 people. There are more than 30 elephants including newly born elephants and over 60-years old.  It will take about 30minues from Phalone to the camp. The 4X4 Drive vehicles are more convenient for this road. The motorcycle taxi fare is about K5,000.

Maha Myat Muni Pagoda and Myanmar Aye Pagoda

Taikkyi Maha Myat Muni Buddha image located along Yangon-Pyay road is supposed to be similar with Mandalay Maha Myat Muni Buddha image. There are also nat shrine and thaik shrines. The stairway is more than hundreds of years.  Now, the stairway is renovated.

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The market is crowded with buyers and vendors in early morning

Taikkyi Myoma market

The market is big and very alive. It is crowed with buyers and   food vendors especially in the early morning.

Taikkyi Ang Gong Chinese Temple

You will see Ang Gong Chinese Temple near the Myoma market. It is famous among the visitors from Yangon. The temple was closed when I reached there.

Pyi Lone Chantha Pagoda

Pyi Lone Chanha Pagoda is located in the opposite side of the Chinese temple. The pagoda is put in the glass case and the Enlightened Buddha images are curved on the ceilings and walls.

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Thamee Taw Myar Pagoda

Pan Ta Pwint Taung Monastery

Pan Ta Pwin Taung located between Taikkyi and Hmawbi is famous until now. Although there are monastery and school, the people pay a visit to the pagoda on the mountain. The pagoda is located on the mountain and so the Yangonites will enjoy such mountaineering. The mountain is not too high and the scene from the mountain is very picturesque. You can also enjoy the beauty of river, greenish view and rubber tree forest. It will take about 45minutes form the Toll Gate of Taikkyi. You can also see the gardens along the way. The road is not rough. It will take you a little longer to Pan Ta Pwint Taung.

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Thar Taw Myar pagoda

You can also pay a visit to Pyi Lone Chantha Moe Kaung pagoda, Hman Pya Taung and Myinmo Taung near Shwe Nyaung Pin village.

How to get there

You can go to Taikkyi by your own car or taxi. You can also get car rental service like Gold Tripper via 09-421085898. I also made a trip with Gold Tripper.
Those who are tiring of living in the Yangon cities can make a short day trip to Taikkyi.
May all you have a safe trip!

Thiha Lu Lin (Thiha, the Traveller).
Photos : Min Hsann, Thiha Lu Lin
Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung, Khine Thazin Han

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