Above 12-year-old students receive COVID-19 vaccines in Nay Pyi Taw

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No.20 BEHS, Pobbathiri.

To provide students with educational opportunities, healthcare officials gave COVID-19 vaccines to students aged 12 and above in Nay Pyi Taw Council area yesterday.
“There are a total of 10,092 middle and high school students aged 12 and above in 39 schools in Pobbathiri Township. From 12 to 15 October, 1,000 students have been vaccinated for the first time,” said Daw Wah Wah Khaing, Headmistress of No. (20) Basic Education High School, Pobbathiri Township, who is carrying out the COVID-19 vaccination processes.
“More than 500 students were vaccinated by the Department of Public Health at three designated places.
“Schools are closed now. When I called to ask students to join the vaccination programme, some of the students were travelling and some of them would be vaccinated when they arrive back.
“Some high school students are over 18 years old and have been vaccinated according to their community programme,” Daw Wah Wah Khaing added.
Hand-washing basins were also set up at the vaccination sites to prevent COVID-19 disease. Officials also distributed masks and face shields before the vaccination.
Next health officials measured the body temperature, blood pressure and monitoring oxygen level before the vaccination.
Vaccines were given systematically by the physicians, and only those with normal health conditions are vaccinated.
“There are no side effects until the vaccine is given today. Because of the morning injections, only a few dizzy students were found as they haven’t had breakfast.
“When they were given snacks and rested for 10 minutes, they recovered. Don’t be afraid to get vaccinated.
“Students who have not yet been vaccinated are advised to join the vaccination campaign as healthcare specialists are conducting full medical examination during the vaccination,” said School Headmistress Daw Wha Wha Khaing.
School students will be vaccinated only with the consent of their parents and guardians, officials said.
“My daughter is a high school student. I have also been vaccinated against COVID vaccine twice. I’ve already known the benefits of the vaccine,” said Daw Mya Mya Win, a parent of a middle school student.
“As soon as I get the chance to get my daughter vaccinated, I come and get it today. We want the school to reopen as soon as possible after the students have been vaccinated.
“I was worried that the children would get upset if they left the classroom.
“As parents, we consider it best for our children to inherit an education. An educational heritage can guarantee a child’s future”, Daw Mya Mya Win added.
School students were allowed to leave after waiting for half an hour to find out if there were any abnormalities within 24 hours after the injection.
“My school teacher called to get vaccinated. Now, I have received the vaccine. I feel a slight pain while receiving the vaccine. I did not feel anymore after the vaccination.
“Thanks to health officials for providing this injection. I want to go back to school. Even if I’m studying at home, I don’t understand my lessons at all. It is difficult. I have to go back to school after getting vaccinated. I’m happy to be able to study with my teachers and to be reunited with my friends at school”, said Ma Thu Wai San, a middle school student.
In Nay Pyi Taw council area, students aged 12 years and above are vaccinated in townships which are designated for vaccination.
In addition to the daily census of students, there are also a number of people who have been vaccinated in the area.
Department staff and their family members are also being vaccinated by health workers in accordance with the COVID-19 prevention method.
Educational vinyl signs are also posted in public places where vaccines are available.
After the vaccination, officials arranged school buses for the transportation of the school students.
Security was also provided by the fire brigade and the Myanmar police during the vaccination, officials said. —Hein Gyine/ GNLM

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