Above 45-year-old Bengalis receive COVID vaccines in Sittway

Healthcare officials gave the first doses of Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines to above 45-year-old Bengalis at a religious building in Block-9 Magyi Myaing Ward Sittway Township,Rakhine State yesterday morning.
During the vaccination, healthcare workers and officials took records for the vaccinated people.
Next, health officials measured the body temperatures, blood pressure and monitoring oxygen levels before the vaccination.
Vaccines were given systematically to the local people, and only those with normal health conditions are vaccinated, officials said.
After resting for about 30 minutes after being vaccinated, people were allowed to leave, officials said.
In addition to the Bengalis in Magyi Myaing Ward, the COVID-19 vaccine is still being given for the first time in Aung Daing Village-tract, New Pallinpyin (Bengali) village and South Donepyin (Bengali) village of Maungni Pyin village-tract.
On 27 September, 140 men and 160 women received the vaccines in blocks 8 and 9 of Magyi Myaing and more than 200 people will continue were vaccinated yesterday, officials said.
Staff from the General Administration Department and the Information and Public Relations Department, members of the Myanmar Police Force, members of the fire brigade, members of the auxiliary fire brigade, members of the Red Cross, Ward /Village administrators, and officials assisted in the vaccination works. —Tin Htun (IPRD)/GNLM

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