Accelerate preventive measures of DHF for the children

As dengue hemorrhagic fever breaks out across the world, some 390 million patients are suffering from it a year. Of them, the number of DHF patients is larger in Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar in Southeast Asia.
Based on the statistics in 2021, a total of 5,446 people become victims of DHF, leaving 36 dead. In 2022, the data collected from 1 January to 20 May 2022 showed that a total of 1,516 people suffered from the disease and two of whom were killed. Currently, an outbreak of DHF hits a large number in Yangon and Ayeyawady regions and Mon State.
It is necessary to emphasize the surveillance and prevention of dengue hemorrhagic fever in all areas. Infection with dengue viruses is transmitted through the bite of infective female Aedes spp. Such a mosquito prefers to regenerate in clean water areas. As such, the best performance to take preventive measures against the DHF is to clean the environment.
Sanitation tasks should be carried out to prevent the regeneration of mosquito bearing DHF virus. Moreover, it is necessary to often combat the Aedes mosquito and larvae in the environs, raising the health awareness of DHF among students and the public. Moreover, people need to take care preventing the mosquito-bites while the authorities should set up the Aedes and larvae free schools for the safety of schoolchildren from the dreadful disease.
In this regard, the Ministry of Health, relevant ministries and departments need to participate in the control of dengue hemorrhagic fever in the society with the contributions of the Department of Fire Services, the Myanmar Fire Brigade and the development committees.
In the school opening season, health staff need to share knowledge about DHF with the students. Moreover, health officials should conduct preventive measures against DHF while serving the school-based vaccination and school health activities in the rainy season.
Not only the government hospitals and health centres across the nation but private clinics in the society should take preventive measures of DHF, raise awareness of DHF for the public and collect data and equipment to fight against the DHF in time. Charity organizations operating blood donation and ambulance services should make preparations to be ready to give services to the patients and their families to calm down their frets. Hence, all the people should beware of dengue hemorrhagic fever for the children in monsoon, the DHF-prone season.

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