Action taken against 1,263 YBS buses driving in city for undisciplined acts within two months

Yangon Region Public Transport Committee-YRTC has taken action against 1,263 YBS buses that were rolling in the city without disciplined acts within two months of 2023.
In January and February this year, 1,263 YBS buses driving without discipline in Yangon were taken into action.
Action was taken in this cases such as arresting under notes, public complaints, Facebook complaints, driving through red lights, driving excessive speed, derailment in prescribed routes, reckless driving, separate case, beyond the restricted routes, long stoppage time, and overtaking another vehicles.
On 15 March, a campaign was staged for YBS buses not to overtake other buses with putting stickers on the buses, to ensure the safety of the passengers.
Drivers have been warned that if they commit overtaking each other once, he will face a fine of K10,000 according to discipline-138 of the YRTC rules.
Last year, there were 7,953 cases of undisciplined YBS buses, and they faced banning CNG supply.
In addition, in order to ensure that YBS bus lines drive under the discipline, YBS buses have been equipped with a telematics system, and Yangon Bus Operator is conducting monitoring and action.
A total of 117 YBS bus lines in Yangon Region to operate them daily with 3,650 buses and serves transport of some 1.4 million passengers. — TWA/KZL

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