Action to be taken against YBS buses that run shutting down POSS machines

Joint Secretary U Lian Cin Mang of the Yangon Region Public Transport Committee has highlighted the intention to penalize YBS buses if they obstruct the functionality of POSS (point-of-sale-system) machines while in operation.
In certain YBS lines within Yangon, drivers continue to collect cash fares from passengers, despite being equipped with POSS machines. Consequently, YPS card users encounter difficulties using the card payment system.
Ma Aye Mar, an employee in Thingangyun Township, recounted, “Though the bus has a POSS machine, it remains inactive. The driver collects fares ranging from K300 to K500 during night hours. Some routes even charge K400 in the morning. Instances include POSS machines being deactivated or concealed with plastic bags.”
Furthermore, certain bus lines impose fares exceeding the established rates, with passengers often being compelled to pay in cash due to drivers’ claims of device malfunctions.
U Lian Cin Mang stated, “If passengers are forced to pay in cash due to inactive POSS machines, they can promptly file complaints. A penalty of K30,000 will be imposed on drivers. Passengers are our priority, and we are committed to resolving their issues.”
Presently, there are 5,539 YBS vehicles, of which 2,695 are equipped with YPS devices. Additionally, 434 vehicles await installation, leaving 2,359 yet to be equipped.
Yangon Payment Service (YPS) Company, facilitating seamless payments through over 200,000 cards, has encouraged reporting license plate and bus line numbers for action against vehicles with inactive or disconnected POSS machines.
U Lian Cin Mang conveyed, “This week, over 500 undisciplined bus lines have faced consequences. Ensuring passenger safety is paramount, with our focus on issues like overtaking, disregarding red lights, and operating with open side doors. Our range of actions includes fines and even license suspension.”
Yangon Region boasts more than 2,900 vehicles across 118 YBS bus lines, effectively transporting 1.5 million passengers daily. — TWA/CT

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