Aim is set to ensure prosperity of the nation and emerge genuine democratic federal Union: Senior General

The government discussed matters related to standing with the ASEAN Charter and ASEAN pledge, and the discussions are being held to ease tensions as much as possible as the later political performance of solving the problems consists of some interferences, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting 16/2021 of the State Administration Council at the Office of SAC Chairman in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.
In his opening address, the Senior General stressed the need to strive for increasing the per-acre yield of paddy to increase the income of local farmers without satisfying the local rice sufficiency. The government needs to supply fertilizers and diesel to the local farmers as much as possible. The Senior General said he urged the local authorities for increasing the per-acre yield of agricultural products in the Kachin and Shan states, Mandalay and Yangon regions. As Yangon Region is the centre of all opportunities, Yangon Region will reach the top among regions and states if it applies the advantages of smooth transport.
Concerning international relations, ASEAN reached five consensuses on 24 April including the sending of ASEAN special envoy. It will be the cooperation measures of the ASEAN for political reconciliation and restoring peace and stability in Myanmar. Myanmar discussed the standing of the ASEAN in accord with its charter and pledge. The government discussed matters related to standing with the ASEAN charter and ASEAN pledge, and the discussions are being held to ease tensions as much as possible as the later political performance of solving the problems consist of some interferences.
The Senior General recounted that he delivered the virtual speech to mark the 6th anniversary of signing the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-NCA on 15 October, urging NCA signatories need to enhance their tasks and inviting the non-NCA signatories. The speech via video message comprises measures of public aspirations and good deeds for the country related to peace. Files of lawsuits against some detained members of EAOs were withdrawn and they were released except those who committed the terror acts.
The government adopted the policies related to the prosperity of the State and food sufficiency as a national cause. The Tatmadaw and the Ministry of Home Affairs cooperate with each other in tackling the armed conflicts. On the other hand, some EAOs commit narcotic drug production and trafficking based on political instability. The information is received quickly in the areas with strong cooperation of the people, and peace and stability of the region can be restored as quickly as possible.
The trade surplus could be seen in the 2020-2021 financial year but trade volume declined. The drop in trade can be seen across the world. Except for the foodstuffs essential for daily life, trading of all remaining goods is down.
Fertilizer is imported at higher prices and the local demand is high. Efforts must be made for the production of biofertilizers made of animal waste and humus. Priority is being given to the operation of the Urea fertilizer plant for meeting the local demand to some extent. Natural gas produced by Myanmar is sold out to foreign countries for various reasons. It is necessary to generate electricity via hydropower, windmill and solar power so as to reduce the use of natural gas.
The Senior General highlighted the raising of layers in the evaporated cooling system and disclosed the plans to establish more institutes, colleges and universities related to agriculture and livestock breeding.
Arrangements are being made to vaccinate the students, and many people received the vaccines. All people need to abide by the prescribed COVID-19 restrictions. Till 14 October, 12,291,148 persons have been vaccinated. Members of the State Administration Council should consider the prosperity of the nation in all aspects.
Next, meeting participants discussed enactment of the laws necessary for the public security, us of PR system of election to contribute to the federalism, supervision for prevention of bribery cases of bank staff, arrangement for electrification in Chin State, purchase of fuel at fair prices for farming works, and opening of government departments in self-administered regions.
In his response, the Senior General pledged to re-promulgate the necessary laws and revoke the unnecessary ones in coordination with relevant ministries and organizations. Consideration on setting the floor price of paddy was based on basic salaries of government staff from factories and industries. The proportional representation (PR) system has been agreed in principle. The Union Election Commission holds discussions with political parties and then with NGOs and INGOs. Generating electricity in Chin State must be considered relating to windmills. Priority will be given to opening the necessary offices and departments in self-administered regions for regional development. Arrangements will be made for the conservation of mangrove forests and nipa plantations.
In his conclusion, the Senior General said the aim is set to ensure the prosperity of the nation and emerge the genuine democratic federal Union. The country does not develop as expected due to various reasons. It is necessary to take lessons from the shameful acts in the previous elections. Efforts are being made to carry out the best works to be handed as a good legacy to new generations. —MNA

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