Alert: Malicious Khit Thit media intentionally spreads misinformation


The malicious Khit Thit Media is spreading fake news that Article 144 of Criminal Procedures is imposed in Sintegone, Waphyuchaung, Theikwachaung, Nwekhway, Nyaunggon, Winthayet, Kaingtawsu, Chaungsauk, Kaingchogyi, Myaypyar, Seywa, Linnaysan, Kanni, Tangagon, Ywashaung, Kywelphyuma and Shwekyarin villages within Bago mountain range located in Okpo Township, Bago Region, and the security forces drive out the residents from the villages or are warning to shoot to death on 18 January.
Regarding to the incident, Article 144 is not imposed at all and no authorities or organization is warning the residents to leave, according to the security officer who has been serving in Bago Region.
Similarly, malicious Khit Thit Media also spreads the misinformation to the public that the Tatmadaw shelled two heavy weapons in Tettukon Village in Bilin Township, killing three civilians at an estimated 11 am on 19 January. Countering the misinformation, the clashes or shelling was not occurred, according to the confirmation of relevant officials from security forces.
Therefore, malicious news outlets, including Khit Thit, are delivering misinformation and fake news on social media networks every day to make the public frightened and concerned. — MNA/TKO

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