Almost no queues at CNG stations due to extended sale hours based on demand

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A car being filled with CNG at filling station.

There are almost no queues of vehicles waiting to fill up at the CNG stations in Yangon Region, said general manager U Kyaw Thura Win from Natural Gas Vehicle Department.
There are 41 CNG filling stations in Yangon Region, and YBS buses, taxis and other vehicles can fill up as much gas as necessary from 5 am to 10 pm on a daily basis, he said.
“We supply CNG to YBS buses, taxis and other vehicles as much as they need. So there is almost no queue at the CNG stations during these days,” he added. CNG is supplied to around 30,000 vehicles including YBS buses, taxis and other vehicles every day.
“Some CNG stations get full electricity supply, but some are still supplied on a rotational basis. During the blackout, we run gas generators at our CNG stations and sell CNG,” he said.
Depending on the demand, some stations extend their hours of operation.
“If vehicles are still coming in, some stations continue to sell gas until 10 pm, 11 pm or midnight, depending on the demand. They extend sale hours based on the number of cars waiting. In January, there were not many queues. So, we no longer need to sell CNG till 11 pm or midnight. Usually by 10 pm, there are no cars in a queue,” he said. — MT/ZN

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