As strength can make good changes and better progress, united strength must be forged: Senior General

Currently, the Tatmadaw focuses on holding a free and fair election and restoring peace and rule of law across the nation, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting with Tatmadaw members and families from Monywa Station at Zeyathiri Hall of the North-West Command Headquarters yesterday afternoon.
Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said as strength can make good changes and better progress for the State as well as the Tatmadaw, military unity and the united strength of the State must be built without fail.

Political progress of the State
The Senior General explained leading of the Tatmadaw for implementing the multiparty democratic system the entire people aspire to, initiating the multiparty democratic system as from 2011, political changes of the State in successive eras, difficulties in period of Covid-19 in its tenure of the Tatmadaw in serving the State responsibilities, and endeavours of the Tatmadaw for development of political, social and all-round development measures, policies for peace and stability and objectives amid the destructive acts of those not wishing to restore peace and stability of the State.
Ensuring peace and stability of entire nation, holding a free and fair election
The Senior General continued to say that the Tatmadaw is primarily to serve safeguarding the sovereignty against the foreign dangers and serving national interests of the State and the citizens. Currently, the Tatmadaw focuses on holding a free and fair election and restoring peace and rule of law across the nation.
In order to successfully hold the election, the country needs to restore peace. So, an emphasis is being placed on ceasing the armed conflicts and peace talks are being held with ethnic armed organizations. In this regard, the Tatmadaw adjusts the peace talks for having deserved measures for the State based on the wishes of meeting participants. Ethnics must have the rights to participate in the political platform so as to demand their entitlements under the law as the Hluttaw is the highest political platform in the democratic system.
The peace talks with ethnic armed organizations could bring positive results to the State, and remaining measures to be talked in detail are being discussed.

Sharpening military capacity under disciplines
Only when the Tatmadaw members fully apply their military tactics and martial arts will they have the upper hand in the battlefields with lack of losing casualties. Hence, they have to be fit for duty on a daily basis. They have to follow the rule of engagement and obey military disciplines to be good soldiers.
As endeavours will bring success in all jobs, all Tatmadaw members need to culture strength. Only when they forge the military unity will they can unite the strength in order to achieve success in all assignments. Hence, they have to focus on military unity. A fair and united administrative system can fortify the military unity. All Tatmadaw members need to be loyal to each other, their families, the Tatmadaw and the State.

Encouraging education promotion
During the summer holidays, Tatmadaw members are to manage their offsprings to efficiently use their spare time by reviewing their school lessons, attending cultural, computer and other training courses.

Self-control needs to manage drinking, indulgence and betting
Individual indulgence and betting without rationality may affect daily needs of families, so they have to control themselves. Officials should supervise subordinates not to commit betting.

Welfare for all
Military owned agriculture and livestock farms aim to initiate welfare of Tatmadaw families, not focusing on profits. Tatmadaw has fulfilled the requirements of Tatmadaw members at different ranks as much as possible.
If Tatmadaw members and families in individuals make efforts for forging the strength, military unity will improve with securing success.
The Senior General presented foodstuffs for Tatmadaw members and families to the commander and the wife of the Senior General, cash assistance for the station maternal and child welfare association to the wife of the commander. After the meeting, the Senior General fulfilled the needs of Tatmadaw members and families.

Inspection at agriculture and livestock farms
The Senior General inspected poultry farm, DYL pig, goat and cattle farms and greenhouse plantations at the integrated farm of the command headquarters and viewed sales of military owned meat, fish, milk and vegetables to Tatmadaw members at reduced prices.
After hearing the reports, the Senior General pointed out that agricultural and livestock farms must be purposed for the majority but for the minority. The Senior General viewed round progress of the integrated farms of the command and left necessary instructions.
Yesterday morning, the Senior General, wife and party visited the local military hospital in Monywa. The Senior General asked injuries of officers and other ranks in serving duties on stability of the State, security and rule of law, recovering of their injuries and medical treatment and the wife of the Senior General comforted Tatmadaw members, families and local people’s militia recieving medical treatments for injuries triggered attacks of PDF terrorists without any reason and local people for their health conditions.—MNA/TTA

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