Aungbarlay Lottery announces 2024-2025 ticket sales: Application and compliance guidelines

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The photo depicts the office of the State Lottery Directorate (Yangon).

On 14 January, the Aungbarlay Lottery Division of the Internal Revenue Department announced that K1,000-priced Aungbarlay Lottery tickets for the 2024-2025 financial year will be available for sale starting from April. Those interested in selling lottery tickets can contact and apply to the Aungbarlay Lottery Division (Yangon), the Aungbarlay Lottery Division (Mandalay branch), and township internal revenue offices in other states and regions.
According to the statement, applicants must be individuals who operate shops for selling lottery tickets. In the application for selling tickets, the original and a copy of the Citizenship Scrutiny Card and household list are required, along with the letter of commitment to selling the tickets as stipulated.
Similarly, current lottery business owners must submit the original recommendation letter of tax payment for monthly tickets during the 2023-2024 financial year or the original recommendation letter confirming the completion of tax affairs for the lottery business. Application forms should be submitted to the township revenue offices between 16 and 29 January.
Furthermore, sellers need to agree to buy a constant number of lottery tickets each month, with failure resulting in termination of the right to purchase lottery tickets and the confiscation of insurance money as state revenue.
After receiving the confirmation letter of the available number of lottery tickets, the applicants must pay the insurance money and sign the agreement before 4 March. The Internal Revenue Department has also cautioned that failure to comply with the agreement within the specified time will result in removal from the list of lottery ticket sellers. — TWA/TRKM

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