Automatic licensing and non-automatic licensing system for importers commences on 22 June

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Lorries laden with export cargoes are seen at the Muse 105-Mile Trade Zone.

Seeking Import licences through automatic licensing and non-automatic licensing systems on Myanmar Tradenet 2.0 platform is available from 22 June, according to the news bulletin (9/2023) released by the Trade Department under the Ministry of Commerce.
Having digitized the licensing system, import licensing for certain lines (1,525 lines) via seaborne trade will be automatically passed on to the system.
According to that notification of the Ministry of Commerce, for seaborne trade, commodities lines that did not require import licences before are mandatory for import licences under the non-automatic import licensing process after 60 days from today (22 June).
Additionally, for imports via the border, only a non-automatic licensing system will be exercised amid the scrutiny of export earnings and other income documents.
Those commodities that did not need import licences before will be allowed to be imported with licences after 30 days from today. According to news bulletin 8/2023 of the Ministry of Commerce, in accordance with the Customs Tariff of Myanmar 2022, 3,075 commodities lines with 10 digits HS Code for imports were notified to be permitted licence automatically on Myanmar trade net 2.0 portal and from 22 June, only 1,525 lines will be granted licences through automatic import licensing system in line with the procedures of the State. — NN/EM

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